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  • Work visas based on employment relationship;

  • Work visas based on technical assistance;

  • Visas extension;

  • Residence based on international agreements;

  • Residence based on offspring or marriage;

  • Family reunification;

  • Obtaining all types of local documents (e.g.: ID cards, driver license, tax registration, social security registration, etc.);

  • Obtaining all types of certificates (eg, birth, marriage, criminal, social security, tax, etc.);

  • Legalization of documents before local public notaries;

  • Legalization of documents based on the Apostille Convention;

  • Advice on drafting employment contracts;

  • Drafting technical cooperation agreements;

  • Drafting and reviewing international expatriates policies.



  • Reception upon arrival;

  • Advising services for accommodations;

  • Familiarization visits;

  • Selecting and visiting potential residences (Home Searching);

  • Negotiating rental agreements;

  • Inspecting the chosen residence;

  • Assisting with purchase of furniture and appliances;

  • Hiring domestic services;

  • Visiting schools and helping in the registration process;

  • Support in terminating rental agreements;

  • Assistance in canceling domestic services;

  • Cross-cultural training.

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  • Planning international personnel transfer rules in compliance with tax law;

  • Analyzing the tax status of expatriates in foreign countries for tax compliance;

  • Preparing annual income tax returns and declarations of departures;

  • Preparing the monthly calculation of income tax;

  • Applying for income tax clearance certificates;

  • Preparing tax equalization calculations.

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  • Preparing the expatriation policies in compliance with applicable laws of each country;

  • Preparing the salary and benefits policies in the context of an expatriation;

  • Researching the best market practices and advising on implementing the appropriate policies;

  • Preparing the salary calculation in the context of an expatriation, including the appropriate research on cost of living in the applicable country

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